Why Do I Need a Workers Compensation Attorney if My Claim Has Already Been Accepted?

Why Do I Need a Workers Compensation Attorney if My Claim Has Already Been Accepted?, Klezmer Maudlin PC

Talk to an attorney after you submit your workers compensation claim


If you are injured at work and your employer’s insurance company has started paying you workers compensation benefits you should still talk to an attorney about your claim.  Even if you are getting benefits an attorney can help you navigate the claim to your advantage.  For example, there are certain benefits you may be entitled to that an insurance company either will not tell you about or may not even know about.


Workers comp benefits you may be entitled to


Sometimes only a workers compensation attorney understands all of the benefits you may be entitled to. For example, an experienced workers compensation attorney will make sure you

  • get paid mileage if it is appropriate,
  • are paid for time taken off work to go to the doctor or physical therapy, and
  • get a second opinion if you believe you are being placed back to work or are released too soon.


A qualified workers compensation attorney will also make sure you are getting paid at a fair level under the law if you are placed back to work at a lesser wage or hours.


Maximum Medical Improvement and Permanent Partial Impairment


Perhaps the most important thing an attorney can do for you happens at the end of your claim.

When you get to the end of your rehabilitation you will be placed at Maximum Medical Improvement (MMI).  If you have ongoing deficits to your injured body part a Permanent Partial Impairment (PPI) rating will be issued.  Oftentimes, doctors hired by the insurance company will give you a lower PPI rating than you deserve.  A Klezmer Maudlin attorney can negotiate for a higher rating, or have you evaluated by another doctor to get a more accurate rating.


Wrapping up your workers compensation claim


Even if your claim was accepted, it matters how you decide to close it.  An attorney can also help you close the claim in a manner that is most beneficial to you. There are several ways to close your claim:


1) The employer can simply do nothing;

2) The employer can offer to pay your PPI;

3) You can close the claim with an Agreed Stipulation to leave the medicals “open” into the future;

4) You can end the claim forever with a “Section 15” settlement agreement.  A “Section 15” settlement bars you from re-opening the claim in the future for the same injury.


Considering the cost of medical care it may be worth many thousands of dollars to close the claim with a stipulation to continue medical care into the future. You may be better served by seeking additional money for a “Section 15” settlement.  The attorneys at Klezmer Maudlin can help you to maximize your recovery and obtain the best result for your circumstances.  Give us a call today! We have offices throughout the state including EvansvilleIndianapolisLafayetteNew HarmonyJeffersonville, or South Bend. Even if you live somewhere else, we can easily help you remotely from any of our offices.