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Are you living in Indianapolis with a work injury you didn’t cause? Were you hurt on the job, by another motorist, or in another circumstance outside your own control? Our top Indianapolis work injury attorneys can help. Klezmer Maudlin is an Indianapolis law firm that focuses on work injury and worker’s compensation law. Our many years of experience helping clients runs deep. We have a distinct passion for helping injured people find justice and we can proudly say, we actually did write the book on worker’s compensation law.

Our work injury attorneys, Partners Randal Klezmer and Nathan Maudlin, authored the book The Indiana Workers’ Compensation Law and Practice Manual. A legal resource still used to this day in numerous law firms when lawyers are looking for best practices and advice on how to help their clients.

Our Indianapolis Work Injury Lawyer Understand our Clients are Going Through a Difficult Time

You may be entitled to compensation for your work injury. Dealing with medical bills and insurance companies are issues we are intimately familiar with. We only work with top-rated work injury plaintiff lawyers working in our Indianapolis firm. Indianapolis Work Injury Lawyers who are talented and passionate rising stars in work injury law. Our firm gets results for our clients. We make sure our workers compensation lawyers chose their specialties based on a personal drive to fight against injustice for their clients. When you have to fight against a large corporation or insurance company, you want to make sure your work injury lawyer is fighting for your rights because they believe in them.

Talk to a Personal Injury Lawyer Familiar with Personal Injury Law in Indianapolis

Everyone has rights, and the best way to find out if yours have been violated is to call or email our firm now. Getting in touch with workers compensation lawyers familiar with Indianapolis work injury law is the smartest move you can make. Your salary doesn’t have to compensate for someone else’s actions or negligence. By calling a or emailing a work injury lawyer today, you’re taking the first step towards having proper representation and finding potential compensation.

Medical bills for a serious work injury can add up quickly at-first, but in some cases, they can be on-going for years or even the for the rest of your life. You shouldn’t have to bear that burden. Insurance companies and employers will often fight as hard as they can to avoid covering your costs. That’s why you need a work injury lawyer who not only knows Indianapolis work injury and workers compensation law, but one that has the reputation and experience to get things done. Call or email our firm today for a free consultation!

The law was designed to protect us all, but as time passes after a work injury, it can become harder to get what you deserve. As injuries heal, if proper documentation wasn’t taken at the time of the accident, it can be far more difficult to argue your case. Missing deadlines can result in a case being thrown out prematurely. That’s why talking to a work injury lawyer familiar with Indianapolis work injury cases, as soon as possible, is the best way to get restitution.

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We are Klezmer Maudlin; an extra-ordinarily experienced Indiana law firm, serving Indianapolis and the surrounding area. Our firm is comprised of personal injury and worker’s compensation lawyers with a long-standing reputation for success. Over the years our entire team of legal professionals have been focused on one thing: serving injured individuals in Indianapolis Indiana and the surrounding area, so they can secure the settlements they deserve and can move forward with their lives in a positive way.

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