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Randal Klezmer

A native Hoosier, Klezmer created the firm after receiving his J.D. from McKinney School of Law, in 1992. From the beginning, he has focused his practice largely on workers compensation cases, but also has a significant concentration on personal injury cases. Whether it’s a workers compensation claim or personal injury lawsuit, Klezmer is committed to the belief that clients deserve the firm’s fullest personal attention. To that end, he has developed a large and organized staff that is responsive to client needs and keeps them apprised of developments in their cases.

Klezmer also believes in a persistent approach in dealing with insurance companies, employers, and opposing counsel. “We’re pretty aggressive at moving cases along,” he says. “We like to pester insurance companies and defense attorneys to get the answers that we need.”

It’s a strategy that has produced notable results.

Recently, Klezmer negotiated a $3.75 million settlement on behalf of a client who was catastrophically injured in a workplace fall from an elevated work platform after a co-worker operating the same type of machine struck her. Klezmer was able to show that the co-worker was using medication that should not have been used while operating heavy machinery and was not warned of it by the doctor who prescribed it.

Another recent settlement resulted in a $1.8 million resolution on behalf of a client who was injured in an automobile accident on the way to work. While significant outcomes like these are satisfying, Klezmer also takes pride in helping people when no money is involved.

“We’ll help people whether they hire us or not,” he says. “On a daily basis, I tell people that they don’t need us, but that we’re here if they have questions. If we do take the case, and they’ve already been offered money, we will agree to not charge them unless we get more money.” Klezmer believes that client service should be more than just a catchphrase. He believes it is a commitment.

“Our employees genuinely care about our clients,” he says. “They want to help them and respond to their needs. We are compassionate. We feel for our clients and do everything we can for them.”  Klezmer also believes that commitment to the community extends beyond his and the firm’s daily operations. Klezmer Maudlin is active in supporting the Brain Injury Association of Indiana and the Rehabilitation Hospital of Indiana Sports Program, as well as various legal organizations.

In his limited personal time, he enjoys golf, snow skiing, and spending time with his family.

R Klezmer
Randy Klezmer has devoted his entire legal career to helping injured people (in the workplace and elsewhere) get awarded the compensation they deserve.

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