Low Permanent Partial Impairments (PPI’s)

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An injured worker may receive a settlement in a worker’s compensation claim.  Typically, settlements are owed if the worker has an injury that is diagnosed as permanent.  To evaluate the permanency of an injury, insurance companies often hire doctors who enjoy receiving insurance referrals.  Worker’s compensation carriers pay physicians well and, as a result, doctors enjoy doing worker’s compensation cases.

There are many excellent, credible, and honest worker’s compensation doctors also. However, some popular worker’s compensation physicians assign low PPI’s as a way to please the insurance company who refers cases to them, and continue to get more referrals.

Our firm knows which doctors tend to give very low PPI’s.  If you do not have experience with a worker’s compensation case and do not know these doctors, there is a good chance that you may be assigned a low PPI and, therefore, receive a lot less or no money from your disability.  One of the benefits of hiring an experienced worker’s compensation attorney is the attorney has experience with the tricks insurance companies tend to play.

Please remember, if you do not have an attorney, that you are entitled to hire a physician you select to assign a PPI.  If you want an experienced attorney on your side, please contact the attorneys at Klezmer Maudlin.

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