Employer responsibility for wages while undergoing treatment for work injuries

Employer responsibility for wages while undergoing treatment for work injuries, Klezmer Maudlin PC

Common misconception about pay during treatment


Many employees who are injured at work and seeking medical treatment wonder if they will get paid for hours they miss from work while attending appointments with doctors, physical therapists and other healthcare providers. Indiana law requires that your employer reimburse you for any medical visits that result in time lost at work.


Indiana Code Title 22-3-3-4


It’s not uncommon for employers to say that they are not responsible to pay employees for medical visits related to an on-the-job injury in the first seven days after an incident. This is not correct. According to Indiana Code Title 22-3-3-4, the employer is required to reimburse you if any medical visits result in time lost at work. Reimbursement is based on the calculated average of the employee’s daily earnings over a fixed period of time.


Authorized physician


The one thing to keep in mind as you are being treated for your work injury is that you are required to use the physician and care providers that your employer authorizes. As long as you attend the physician authorized by your employer, you are legally required to be paid for the time lost at work due to your medical appointments. (Note: If you don’t believe you are getting the proper care for your injury from the authorized physician, you can file an appeal to the Workers Compensation Board to have an alternate physician assigned to your case.)


Seek the assistance of an experienced workers compensation attorney


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