Question: Should I go to the doctor that the company sends me to?

Question: Should I go to the doctor that the company sends me to?, Klezmer Maudlin PC

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If you have a workers compensation claim in Indiana, you may be directed to a doctor after reporting your work-related injury to your employer.  But what should you do if you do not trust your employer or their healthcare providers?  Should you attend the medical appointment set up by your employer?

The answer is absolutely YES!

Employers in Indiana have the right to “direct and control” your medical care.  That means they get to pick the doctor that you go to … at least initially.  The treating physicians are actually the people who will direct your care according to what they think is appropriate for your condition.

It is important to go to these appointments because if you decline the care offered to you and seek unauthorized treatment on your own then the company may not have to pay for that treatment.  The company can cut off your workers compensation benefits for non-compliance with the treatment they are offering.  If you do not like the doctor, or the healthcare provider, you can always ask your employer or insurer for a second opinion or to change your medical provider entirely.

In Kentucky, the choice is different.  You can pick your own doctor for treatment of workers compensation injuries in Kentucky.  It is important to tell your employer that you were injured and to ask to file a workers compensation claim.  The company should provide you with a card with insurance information to give to your healthcare provider for billing purposes.  If you disagree with the care you are receiving, you have a right to change your provider one time.

In either state, it is important to give your employer notice of your injury as soon as possible.  This allows the employer to investigate your claim and it will speed up any care or benefits you are entitled to.

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