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Trench Worker Sustained a Crushed Pelvis
General Contractor Held Responsible


The Injured Person 

Samuel was in his mid 30’s and had five children. He was employed as a trench worker in southern Indiana.

The Facts of the Case 

One day in 2016 a water main broke and Samuel was tasked with digging a hole so the main could be repaired. While working in the trench, the walls caved in and Samuel’s pelvis was crushed. He incurred both orthopedic and urologic injuries as a result of the accident.

Samuel was covered by Indiana Workers Compensation insurance and received benefits from that policy, including lost wages, covered medical expenses and a Permanent Partial Impairment (PPI) settlement. 

In considering the circumstances of the case, it became evident that Samuel’s accident occurred because proper safety precautions were not heeded during the excavation. Preventative systems, such as benching, sloping, shoring and shielding were not correctly created to ensure that Samuel was working in a safe environment.

The Resolution

Samuel employed Klezmer-Maudlin, PC to help him seek a more just compensation for his work-related injury. As professional Workers Compensation attorneys, Klezmer-Maudlin investigated the case to determine if any other companies, aside from his employer, could be held responsible for additional damages, including pain and suffering, future lost wages, and future medical care. 

We discovered that a general contractor on the site was responsible for establishing and providing a safe work environment, and failed to do so. We pursued a settlement on Samuel’s  behalf which resulted in a compensation of $750,000 to help mitigate his additional expenses.

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