Nurse Slipped: Significant Injuries

Nurse Slipped: Significant Injuries, Klezmer Maudlin PC

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Nurse Slipped on Floor: Significant Injuries and Lost Wages
Janitorial Company Found Responsible Because They Failed to Warn Her


The Injured Person  

Marianne was a nurse employed by a clinic in Terre Haute, IN. She routinely went into work on Saturdays to catch up on her paper work. 

The Facts of the Case 

One Saturday in 2015, Marianne entered the clinic and headed for her desk. While walking through the halls, she slipped on the freshly waxed floors and sustained significant injuries, including two torn rotator cuffs and a torn hamstring. These injuries were career-ending for Marianne.

Marianne’s boss had informed her via e-mail that the janitorial crew would be there; however, she was not made aware of the floor waxing, and there were no signs indicating that the floor was slippery. 

At the time of the fall, Marianne was working for the medical clinic and received Workers Compensation benefits for the accident. This covered all of her medical expenses, lost wages, and a Permanent Partial Impairment (PPI) settlement.  

The Resolution 

Marianne enlisted the services of Klezmer-Maudlin, PC to determine if there was additional culpability for her accident. As professional Workers Compensation attorneys, we investigated the case and learned that the janitorial company hired by Marianne’s employer left fresh wax on the floor, which was still partially wet, and failed to warn of the potential risk hazard. 

Because our attorneys were able to identify a third–party fault for Marianne’s injury, she received a settlement (in addition to her Workers Compensation claim) of just under $1 Million.