Kyphoplasty and Vertebroplasty Complications

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If you have a fractured spine, you may be a candidate for spine surgery.  Kyphotplasty and Vertebroplasty are two surgical techniques used to treat fractures in the vertebra. Both procedures involve injecting acrylic bone cement into the fracture . In Kyphoplasty the doctor inflates a small balloon in the vertebra to create space before injecting the cement.

Although this procedure can be considered routine for most spine surgeons, you can have terrible outcomes if the surgeon does not follow protocol and ends up injecting the cement into, or onto, tissues other than the bone.  If the cement is negligently injected into a blood vessel, it could form clots in the vessels or pulmonary embolisms in the lungs.  Likewise, if it attaches to tissue, other than the bone, it could lead to a variety of other health problems.

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