How do I know if I have a justifiable workplace lawsuit?

workplace injury

Workplace injuries

When a worker is injured at work, he or she is not typically knowledgeable about employment law and what his or her rights are as an employee.  Many times filing a workers compensation claim for the accident and injury is adequate for recovering lost wages and medical expenses while the injured employee recovers. However, sometimes a workers compensation claim isn’t enough

Workplace lawsuits

A workplace lawsuit can arise anytime an employee suffers an injury at work, as long as someone other than the owner of the business or co-worker is responsible.  It could be a slip-and-fall accident that results in an injury to your back, your knee, your shoulder, or any other major body part.  A workplace lawsuit could arise from a motor vehicle accident when you are driving as part of your job duties.  A motor vehicle accident that causes injury can also give rise to a negligence lawsuit, if the other driver is a fault.

When should you consult an attorney about a workplace injury?

If you’ve experienced an injury as a result of a workplace accident, and are wondering if you have a justifiable workplace lawsuit, you should consult with an experienced work injury attorney who can help you understand what recourse you may have. Any attorney who wants to charge you for this consult is NOT a good choice. Consults are FREE at Klezmer Maudlin. We will help you understand the merits of your case and determine how best to proceed so that you are fairly compensated.

Injured people should focus on their recovery first

If you’ve been injured in a workplace accident and want an attorney to help you file a lawsuit against a third party, consult with an experienced attorney at Klezmer Maudlin. We are experienced, honest and successful when we take on cases for those who have suffered injuries from workplace accidents throughout the state of Indiana.  With offices in EvansvilleIndianapolisLafayetteNew Harmony, and Jeffersonville (Louisville, KY), we are well-equipped to handle your case.