Violations of Light Duty

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In Indiana, the workers’ compensation insurance company, or your employer, does have the right to select the doctor to provide treatment for your work related accident.  Those selected doctors will be in charge of assigning work restrictions.   If your employer claims that it has light duty work that will remain within those medical restrictions,  you will be offered light duty work that you are expected to accept.

Many employers intentionally or sloppily ignore light duty restrictions.  This is wrong.  This is bad.  No one wants your restrictions to be ignored because it could be a setback in your treatment/cause a new injury, or make it so that you cannot return to work after your treatment has ended.

If you need assistance with dealing with a violation of light duty restrictions, call the attorneys at Klezmer Maudlin.  We typically advise individuals who contact us to notify the supervisor of this light duty violation.  If the supervisor doesn’t help, maybe contact that person’s supervisor.  If that doesn’t help, let the insurance adjuster know because the adjuster doesn’t want your injury to be made worse.  That will cost the insurance company more money and require the insurance company to pay for more treatment.  Ultimately, if all of these steps fail, a judge can help.  The problem with a judge is that it is not an overnight process.  It can take time to get a court date.

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