Medical Treatment Reimbursement

Medical Treatment Reimbursement, Klezmer Maudlin PC

No Penalty for Missing Work for Medical Appointments During Recovery from a Work-related Injury

As you recover from your work-related injury, your doctor will probably recommend that you attend a number of different medical appointments to ensure that you are making appropriate progress. If you have returned to work, trying to fit these appointments into your schedule may be difficult, or even impossible. Fortunately, under Indiana law, if you are forced to miss work while pursuing medical treatment for a work-related injury, your employer is obligated to reimburse you for lost wages. Whenever you have to miss work to attend a doctor’s appointment, physical therapy session, or any other treatment that has been ordered for you by your attending physician, you can still be paid for the time you would have spent at your job. Time spent traveling to these appointments is also eligible for reimbursement. So, if you are unable to schedule medical appointments outside of work hours, don’t worry – you cannot be penalized for missing work. Just be sure to keep appropriate documentation of your visits so that you can produce them for your employer if they have any questions.