How long should I expect a Workers Compensation case to last?

How long should I expect a Workers Compensation case to last?, Klezmer Maudlin PC

The time it takes to settle a workers comp claim depends upon a few variables


The time it takes to litigate and settle a workers compensation claim depends on where you are in the healing process from your work injury. Most injuries heal relatively quickly and are able to be resolved by settlement or litigation within 18 months of your injury.  However, if your recovery is slow or complicated the case could last for years. The Workers Compensation Board has a rule that no case should last more than three years, and it is followed with few exceptions.


An experienced attorney will help you move your case along expeditiously


Getting the right help early on can help streamline both the healing process and the legal process. Hiring an experienced attorney can help ensure you get the best medical treatment for your injury without getting jerked around by an insurance company who is trying to save money.  Having an attorney following along and guiding you through the process puts you and your medical team in a better position to address any issues that pop up without having to gather information and medical records before moving your claim/lawsuit forward. Gathering medical records alone can take months!


In addition, hiring an attorney can also help get the case closed more quickly.  An experienced attorney knows the settlement value of your claim and can help you recover what you deserve in a timely manner.


Recovering all the you’re entitled to may involve jumping through some hoops


It is an unfortunate fact there are many hoops that you will need to jump through to recover all the benefits to which you are entitled under the Workers Compensation Act.  The attorneys of Klezmer Maudlin will make sure the insurance companies are working for you and not working you over.  The attorneys at Klezmer Maudlin are conveniently located throughout the state of Indiana.  With offices in EvansvilleIndianapolisLafayetteNew Harmony, and Jeffersonville (Louisville, KY), we are well-equipped to handle your case.



At Klezmer Maudlin, you can always speak to your attorney if he, or she, is available.  It costs nothing to call and we don’t get paid unless you do.  Give us a call today and see what we can do for you.