Employer Refused to Cover Back Injury

Back injury

Prior Injury Cited for Refusal to Cover Work Injury
Lump Sum Settlement Negotiated to Cover All Related Medical Bills


The Injured

John was in his mid 50’s, working for a large manufacturing company where he was responsible for performing heavy-duty maintenance tasks.  He also had previously suffered an injury to his lower (lumbar) back. This back condition caused John some pain, but did not preclude him from performing his work. 

The Facts of the Case

One day at work, John was using a large industrial wrench when he suffered a significant injury to his mid-back (thoracic). The injury caused him persistent pain and disabled him from continuing to work. 

John’s employer determined that this injury was related to his previous back injury, and, therefore, would not be covered under his Workers Compensation insurance. John was unable to resume working. He was seeking medical care for his injury and submitting his bills through his medical insurance. Eventually his claims were denied because the health insurance company deemed the injury work-related. This went on for over a year where John had no paycheck and piles of medical bills, totaling over $300,000. 

The Resolution 

John enlisted the help of Mr. Brandon Milster, a professional attorney who advocates on behalf of injured employees, to help him find a way to pay his medical bills. Mr. Milster was able to secure payment of all related medical bills though Workers Compensation and garner a lump sum settlement approaching $200,000.00.  Without the help of a highly qualified Workers Compensation attorney, John would have suffered enduring physical and financial pain.