Worker Denied Claim for Neck Injury

Worker Denied Claim for Neck Injury, Klezmer Maudlin PC

Denied Claim for Significant Neck Injury
Homelessness Averted with Six-figure Settlement


The Injured

Susan was a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) working at an Indiana assisted living facility. As part of her job, she was responsible for assisting sick and disabled patients. This often required moving, lifting and rolling patients. 

The Facts of the Case

While trying to roll a patient over one day, Susan suffered a serious neck injury. The injury was so significant that Susan was not only unable to work, but also required immediate treatment and surgery. 

Susan’s claims for coverage of her medical bills were repeatedly denied. Her bills mounted up to hundreds of thousands of dollars, and she was on the verge of becoming homeless. 

The Resolution 

Susan enlisted the help of Mr. Brandon Milster, a professional attorney who advocates on behalf of injured employees, to help her find a way to pay her enormous medical bills. Mr. Milster investigated Susan’s situation and believed that there was no valid reason for her claims to be denied, and that there was significant indifference on the part of the insurance company. He sought coverage for her medical bills, as well as penalties against the insurance company for their bad faith and lack of diligence. 

With Mr. Milster’s professional assistance, Susan was able to establish viable claims for her medical bills and receive an additional lump sum six-figure settlement from the insurance company.