Appellate Court Victory - Klezmer Maudlin PC

In a very interesting workers’ compensation matter, an employee of a retail store, our client, broke her hip when leather boots with inside zippers became entangled causing her to fall and break her hip.  Our firm lost before the workers’ compensation judge and the Full Workers’ Compensation Board who decided that our client’s injury was due to a personal matter, her defective boots and the zippers that became entangled.

We appealed this matter to the Indiana Court of Appeals, successfully, and the Court of Appeals ruled that personal conditions which support the denial of a claim would be limited to personal medical conditions and not defective boots.

The Defendant sought transfer of this case to the Indiana Supreme Court and in a ruling issued on November 9, 2017, the Indiana Supreme Court refused to review this case which means that the case has ended and our client will receive full workers’ compensation benefits.

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