Why Experience Matters in Choosing a Worker’s Compensation Attorney

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Why Experience Matters
in Choosing a Worker’s Compensation Attorney

Attorney fees in worker’s compensation cases are regulated by state law and all attorneys must charge the same fee.  Since all fees are the same, you should consider the experience of a worker’s compensation practice in selecting the right attorney to help you with your claim. 

The attorneys at Klezmer Maudlin have a combined 99 years of experience and are the authors of the Indiana Practice Manual for worker’s compensation.  That was an invitation by publishing company, Thomson West, to write the book used by attorneys all over the State to learn worker’s compensation law.

Check out the experience of the Klezmer Maudlin worker’s compensation team:

Our attorneys are Super Lawyers, highly ranked on AVVO and Google. Additionally, they are regularly invited to speak at seminars to other attorneys practicing worker’s compensation law in Indiana.  If you are looking for guidance on how to proceed with your worker’s compensation case, please call us now.

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