Who Pays for Workers Compensation? 

person using calculator to figure out workers comp insurance

Workers Compensation Is Insurance Coverage

As a general rule, workers compensation is an insurance plan that your employer pays to have on behalf of all of his or her employees. In some states, workers compensation insurance may be provided by the state, but in Indiana, workers’ compensation benefits are paid by employers, not the State.

The purpose of having workers compensation insurance is to protect both the workers and the owners of the business from liability in the case of workplace injuries. Like any insurance plan, there are various types of coverage and payouts.

Types of Workers Compensation Plans

Workers compensation insurance pays for medical care for work-related injuries and wage replacement in the form of temporary disability benefits (after a waiting period) and permanent partial (and total) disability benefits, when applicable.  In some instances, your employer or their insurance carrier will be responsible for paying for some level of future medical care as well.

Depending on the terms of the workers compensation policy, either your employer or the workers compensation insurance carrier will pay the benefits that you as an injured worker are entitled to with your claim.

An Experienced Workers Compensation Attorney Will Know What Benefits You Are Legally Entitled To

If you’ve been injured at work and believe you are entitled to workers compensation benefits, you can file a claim through the Workers Compensation Board of Indiana. It does not matter if you are to blame for the accident or not, and you are not legally permitted to sue your employer. If you are filing a workers compensation claim and believe you may have grounds for a third-party (personal injury) lawsuit, contact an experienced workers compensation attorney for a free consultation.

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