Pain and Suffering Claims | Klezmer Maudlin PC Legal Blog

If you get injured in an accident and plan on filing a personal injury claim, you might be entitled to pain and suffering reimbursement.

Pain and suffering is defined as the stress you experience from your injuries, including physical pain (discomfort, ongoing pain, etc.) or emotional/psychological trauma (fear, anguish, depressions, anxiety, insomnia, etc.). While this definition leaves room for interpretation, you can file an insurance claim for pain and suffering compensation in addition to the cost of medical treatment.

Pain and suffering claims are known as non-economic personal injury damages. They are the most difficult to quantify since they have no set monetary value.

You will need to provide evidence for your personal injury pain and suffering claim to the insurance company through documentation. Some examples of this could be prescription receipts, photos of your injuries, witness testimonies, medical bills, proof of lost wages, medical reports, rehabilitation expenses and a log of your pain and treatment.

The value for pain and suffering claims can be hard to determine since these claims are not calculated solely on tangible documentation. The damages can be determined by the severity of the accident, recovery time, anticipated limitations, future projections or impact of the injury. A pain and suffering claim is meant to help you financially until you are back on your feet and in good health once again.

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