How Do Workers Compensation Attorneys Get Paid?

workers comp attorney fees

Indiana workers compensation law restricts attorney fees

Attorneys in Indiana workers compensation cases get paid a lot less than other types of attorneys.  Workers compensation attorney fees are regulated by Indiana law and restricted to 20% of any recovery up to $50,000 and 15% of any recovery above $50,000.  For example, if your case should settle for $80,000, the attorney will get 20% of the first $50,000, or $10,000.00, and 15% of the balance ($30,000) which would be $4,500.  The total attorney fee would be $14,500 which amounts to about 18%.

Payment is contingent on winning the case

Attorneys who handle Indiana workers compensation cases do not get paid unless there is a recovery.  Therefore, injured workers who pursue their claim with the help of a workers compensation attorney have no financial risk.

The upfront costs of pursuing a workers compensation case

Attorneys usually advance the funds necessary to pursue a workers compensation case.  Occasionally, attorneys such as the attorneys in our firm will ask the client to help participate in paying any out-of-pocket expenses.  Our firm usually asks for assistance with out-of-pocket expenses only if we feel the chances of a recovery are low.

No fee for consultation

There is never a fee to consult with a workers compensation attorney about the potential of your case. Our attorneys do not charge to talk.  We will email and talk with you about your case or potential case without charging you.

Hire an experienced workers comp attorney to assess your case

If you have any questions about your workers compensation case, and whether or not to pursue a case outside of your initial claim, please contact one of the attorneys at Klezmer Maudlin. With offices in EvansvilleIndianapolisLafayetteNew Harmony, and Jeffersonville (Louisville, KY), we are well-equipped to handle your case.