Can You Recover Workers’ Compensation Claims if You’re Not a US Citizen?

Can You Recover Workers’ Compensation Claims if You’re Not a US Citizen?, Klezmer Maudlin PC

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Even if you are an immigrant to the United States, you can still claim workers compensation benefits. The Workers Compensation Act of Indiana mandates that employers provide medical treatment and wage replacement in the form of temporary total disability benefits to “employees” who sustain “accidental injuries, arising out of and in the course of the employment.” This applies to all employees, regardless of their legal status.

One immigrant family’s story of a devastating work injury

Read about what this family has gone through and how Klezmer Maudlin, PC, helped:

My experience when it comes to the United States was not easy but I’m sure it’s not easy for anyone. Everyone has a different story to tell, and this is mine.

I was eight years old when I came to the United States with my mother and four children. I did not speak English and did not know anyone. My mom enrolled me in school, but it wasn’t easy. The children were rude and teased me that I did not understand what they said. My teachers tried to talk to them but it was hard since they didn’t speak Spanish.

Eventually we moved to another area which is where I began to learn English and adapt to the new culture. I did not like the food, I thought it had a funny taste, and the people were physically and emotionally different than what I was used to.

My mother worked all the time so I barely saw her. One day she had a very bad accident at work. This was a very ugly experience. After a year of rehabilitation, she was allowed to go home but nothing was the same. She was not herself, she was physically and emotionally very different. She could not work because this accident did permanent damage.

Then we contacted Randy Klezmer, a workers compensation attorney. Regardless of my mom’s legal status, he took the case. In less than a year he managed to win the injury claim for my mom. Randy was always very honest and helpful. Today, things are not the same but improved. It was not easy to decide to consult a lawyer due to the immigration status of my mother, but we all have rights.

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