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Indianapolis Truck Accident Lawyers

Indianapolis provides a highway system that is designed for use of trucks, semi-tractor trailers, cars and motorcycles. Accidents and collisions are inevitable whenever there are so many different kinds of vehicles on the road at the same time. However, the laws that govern commercial vehicles are different than the regulations for cars and motorcycles. This means that any collision involving a commercial truck will require expert legal handling in order to remain effective. Our team of qualified truck accident lawyers can represent your case in the court system and ensure that your rights are always protected. Legal representation can often make the difference between keeping or losing a commercial driving license, or CDL. Don’t take risks with your career. Consult a legal professional as soon as you can after any type of collision occurs on the road.

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Trucking professionals must follow rules and regulations that don’t apply to other drivers on the road. Having a commercial driver’s license means that these drivers assume additional risks when there is a collision. In addition, their vehicles are loaded with valuable cargo, and property damage often plays a role in these cases. The liability also extends to the area of personal injury because the injuries that happen when a commercial truck is involved tend to be serious. Medical bills can be high, and the level of pain and suffering is likely to be extreme. Truck drivers may experience a sense of fear at losing their means of income when these accidents occur, and this is why the services of a personal injury attorney is so critical.

According to one study, a vehicle collision with a truck occurs as often as once every 20 seconds. In addition, trucking companies can be found negligent if the vehicle was improperly maintained, and this means that there could be an aggressive lawyer working against your case. Other causes for trucking accidents may include the weather patterns, human errors in judgment, road conditions, drunk drivers and other factors. When the stakes are so high, it is important to protect your rights during each stage of the legal process. Our legal experts understand how to navigate the system in a manner that will ensure the optimal results for our clients. It is not unusual to experience confusion, disorientation or even pain following a collision with a truck, so make sure to secure your legal rights by contacting our office immediately after an incident occurs.

Personal Injury Lawyers, Trucking Attorneys

Personal injury law also covers the legal process of dealing with trucking collisions. The rules that regulate and govern the trucking industry will often come into play during a court case where there was a collision that involved a commercial trucking vehicle. Our legal team can help you to navigate the complex legal system and arrive at a satisfactory outcome. When you are dealing with a trucking collision, it is likely that you will need an experienced attorney who understands trucking laws. Contact our legal firm as soon as you can after an accident with a commercial truck.

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