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Are You Living in Goshen, Indiana with a Personal Injury from an Accident?

Get the justice you deserve. Life with an injury resulting from a personal or workplace accident isn’t an experience anyone anticipates, and the fallout from medical bills and other expenses can last for years. You may not have to live with that stress in your home. Handling a lawsuit without a lawyer is the last thing you want to deal with and that’s where a free consultation with our experienced personal injury lawyers comes in. Call us today!

Let our Goshen, Indiana Personal Injury Lawyer’s Reputation Work for You

Our firm’s reputation in the legal community is top notch. As we like to say, “We wrote the book on Workers Compensation Law.” Our attorneys, Randal Klezmer and Nathan Maudlin, authored the book Workers Compensation Law and Practice. This legal resource is still regularly used by lawyers all around the State of Indiana on cases related to workers compensation law and practice. We also regularly speak at professional and legal seminars on issues related to workers compensation law and personal injury law.

Knowing the experience level and reputation of our personal injury and workers compensation lawyers in our office, you know you are in safe and competent hands. We handle all types of injury cases in Goshen, Indiana and are eager to speak to you about your experience. If your life has seen a catastrophic change as a result of an injury caused by an accident, we want to help you. Don’t spend years suffering alone. Call us to book a free consultation with one of our associates today!

Our Goshen, Indiana Attorneys’ Areas of Experience

        Personal Injury Lawyers – Construction Accident Law in Goshen
        Personal Injury Lawyers – Fall Accident and Injury Law in Goshen
        Personal Injury Lawyers – Forklift Accident Law in Goshen
        Personal Injury Lawyers – Motor Vehicle Accident Law in Goshen
        Personal Injury Lawyers – Service Industry Accident Law in Goshen
        Personal Injury Lawyers – Workplace Accident Law in Goshen
        Personal Injury Lawyers – Third Party Lawsuits in Goshen
        Personal Injury Lawyers – Warehouse Accident Law in Goshen


Everyone in Goshen, Indiana Deserves a Fighting Chance

If you have a personal or workplace injury and are looking to explore your options or find out whether you may be entitled to compensation, call one of our associates to discuss your case! We’re available 24/7 to discuss your case, so don’t hesitate, contact us and book a free consultation with one of our personal injury attorneys today!

Goshen Workers Compensation Lawyers, Klezmer Maudlin PC  Call 317-569-9644

We are Klezmer Maudlin; an extra-ordinarily experienced Indiana law firm, serving Goshen, comprised of personal injury lawyers with a long-standing reputation for success. Over the years our personal injury lawyers have been focused on one thing: serving injured individuals in Goshen, Indiana and the surrounding area, so they can secure the compensation they deserve and move on with their lives in a positive way.

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