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We are Klezmer Maudlin; an extra-ordinarily experienced Indiana law firm, serving Crawfordsville, comprised of personal injury lawyers with a long-standing reputation for success. Our personal injury and workers compensation lawyers are focused on one thing: serving injured individuals or groups in Crawfordsville, Indiana so they can secure the compensation they deserve so they can move forward with their lives in a positive way.

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Looking for Personal Injury Lawyers in Crawfordsville, Indiana?

Do You or Someone You Know in Crawfordsville, Indiana Live with a Personal Injury from an Accident? 

Life with a personal injury resulting from an accident isn’t something anyone anticipates, and the fallout from medical bills and other expenses can be catastrophic. Managing your recovery, family, stress, income and medical expenses are your primary concerns. Handling a lawsuit without a lawyer is the last thing you want to deal with and that’s where a free consultation with our experienced personal injury lawyers comes in.

Let our Crawfordsville, Indiana Personal Injury Lawyers’ Reputation Work for You

Our firm’s reputation in the legal community is robust. As we like to say, “We wrote the book on Worker’s Compensation Law.” Our personal injury lawyers, Randal Klezmer and Nathan Maudlin, authored the book Worker’s Compensation Law and Practice. This legal resource is still regularly used by lawyers all around the State of Indiana for all issues related to worker’s compensation law and practice. We also regularly speak at professional and legal seminars on issues related to worker’s compensation law and personal injury law. Our firm takes great pride in knowing we are helping other lawyers and their clients all around the country. 

In addition to our attorneys’ reputations inside the legal community, our clients routinely leave us positive reviews letting us know how they are satisfied with their case and their experience with our lawyers. Because our firm’s philosophy is grounded in serving people dealing with medical expenses and other costs associated with an accident and/or personal injury, we get a lot of satisfaction in knowing our lawyers have helped someone through their case to the best of our ability. 

Knowing the experience level and reputation of our personal injury lawyers, you know you are in safe and competent hands. We handle all types of personal injuries and are eager to speak to you about your experience. If your life has seen a catastrophic change as a result of a personal injury caused by an accident, we want to help you. Book a free consultation with one of our personal injury lawyers today!

Our Indiana Attorneys’ Areas of Legal Expertise

  • Personal Injury Lawyers – Car or Truck Accident Law in Crawfordsville
  • Personal Injury Lawyers – Workers Compensation Law in Crawfordsville
  • Personal Injury Lawyers – Work-related Vehicle Accident Law in Crawfordsville
  • Personal Injury Lawyers – Bicycle Accident Law in Crawfordsville
  • Personal Injury Lawyers – Motorcycle Accident Law in Crawfordsville
  • Personal Injury Lawyers – Train Accident Law in Crawfordsville
  • Personal Injury Lawyers – Pedestrian Accident Law in Crawfordsville
  • Personal Injury Lawyers – Bus Accident Law in Crawfordsville

Everyone in Crawfordsville, Indiana Deserves a Fighting Chance

The law was designed to protect us all equally, and when a personal injury happens, you have rights. You are entitled to your day in court, or as often happens, the possibility of a settlement. Speaking with a trusted personal injury lawyer is the best way to find out if you may be eligible for compensation. You may not have to take on the burden of your personal injury recovery alone, and moreover, with your own funds. If there were an opportunity for potential compensation for your injury, would you take it?

Everyday Counts When You Have a Personal Injury and your Personal Injury Lawyers Need Information as Quickly as Possible

Once you’ve received a personal injury, it’s imperative you talk with a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible. There are important deadlines that can be missed when left for too long which can inhibit your chances of receiving fair compensation. Book a free consultation with a personal injury lawyer from our law firm to find out your options and avoid missing a catastrophic deadline. 

Talk to a Crawfordsville, Indiana Personal Injury Attorney

If you have a personal injury and are looking to explore your options or find out whether you may be entitled to compensation, talk to one of our attorneys! We’re available 24/7 to discuss your case, so don’t hesitate, and book a free consultation with one of our personal injury lawyers now!

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