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Columbus Personal Injury Lawyers

We are Klezmer Maudlin; an extra-ordinarily experienced Indiana legal firm, serving Columbus,  Indiana and the surrounding area. Our firm is comprised of personal injury and workers compensation attorneys with a long-standing reputation for success. Over the years our personal injury lawyers have stayed dedicated to one thing: serving injured individuals in Columbus, Indiana and the surrounding area, so they can secure the compensation they deserve and move forward with their lives in a positive way.

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Personal Injury Lawyers in Columbus

Are You living in Columbus, Indiana with a Personal Injury from an Accident? Our People Can Help!

Will you or your family’s resources pay for your injury for years to come? Life with an injury resulting from an accident isn’t an experience anyone anticipates. Your family may not have to live with that stress. Handling a lawsuit without an attorney is the last thing you want to deal with and that’s where a free consultation with our experienced Columbus, Indiana personal injury or workers compensation lawyers comes in. Let us help you!

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Our firm’s reputation in the legal community is robust. As we like to say, “We wrote the book on Worker’s Compensation Law.” Our attorneys, Randal Klezmer and Nathan Maudlin, authored the book Worker’s Compensation Law and Practice. This legal resource has been regularly used for many years by lawyers all around the State of Indiana on cases related to worker’s compensation law and practice. We also regularly speak to people at professional and legal seminars on issues related to worker’s compensation law and personal injury law. 

Knowing the experience level and reputation of our people, you know you are in safe and competent hands. Our Columbus personal injury lawyers and workers compensation attorneys handle all types of injury cases in Columbus, Indiana and are eager to speak to you about your experience. If you’re injured from an accident, we want to help you. Don’t let your family spend years suffering. Call us to book a free consultation with one of our injury attorneys!

Our Columbus, Indiana Attorneys’ Areas of Legal Expertise

  • Personal Injury Lawyers – Car or Truck Accidents Law in Columbus, Indiana
  • Personal Injury Attorney – Workers Compensation Law in Columbus, Indiana
  • Personal Injury Lawyers – Work-related Vehicle Accident Law in Columbus, Indiana
  • Personal Injury Attorney – Bicycle Accidents Law in Columbus, Indiana
  • Personal Injury Lawyers – Motorcycle Accidents Law in Columbus, Indiana
  • Personal Injury Attorney – Train Accidents Law in Columbus, Indiana
  • Personal Injury Lawyers – Pedestrian Accidents Law in Columbus, Indiana
  • Personal Injury Attorney – Bus Accidents Law in Columbus, Indiana

Everyone in Columbus, Indiana, Deserves a Fighting Chance 

The law was designed to protect us all equally, and when you’re injured, you have rights. Speaking with a columbus personal injury attorney is the best way to find out if your case may be eligible for compensation. You may not have to take on future years of your personal injury recovery alone, and moreover, with your own funds. Talk to an injury attorney!

Contact a Columbus, Indiana, Personal Injury Attorney. Get the Help You Need!

If you or a family member are injured and are looking to explore your options, our personal injury attorneys are available 24/7 to help. So, don’t hesitate, contact us and book a free consultation with one of our experienced personal injury attorneys and find out how we can help you!

Klezmer Maudlin Columbus Personal Injury Lawyers

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Lawyer Nathan Maudlin

Drawn to the community and its quality of civic and cultural life, Nathan Maudlin settled in New Harmony to practice law in 2003. Maudlin had long thought of moving to New Harmony —ever since he and his wife spent their honeymoon there in 1980—so when Klezmer expressed interest in expanding his Law firm, Maudlin proposed joining him by opening a new lawyer office in New Harmony, and the deal was struck. 

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Lawyer Brandon Milster

Brandon joins Klezmer Maudlin after having spent over a decade dedicating his legal practice to personal injury law in Indiana. He began his legal career representing employers and insurance carriers before switching his focus to representing Indiana’s injured. It is this unique background that allows Brandon to be well-versed from both sides on most any issue that presents itself in a claim for benefits. Brandon possesses a true passion for helping guide Hoosier workers through Indiana’s complicated legal system. Looking for an personal injury Columbus personal injury lawyers ? Call Us

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Lawyer Tyson Schroeder

Tyson is an experienced attorney who specializes in worker’s compensation and Indianapolis personal injury law, and represents Klezmer-Maudlin clients in southern Indiana and Kentucky. With admittance to both the Indiana and Kentucky bars, Tyson advocates for clients who live and work in either state. Looking for a Indianapolis personal injury lawyers ? Contact Tyson below.

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Lawyer Georgia Hartman

Georgia Hartman is an attorney working for injured Plaintiffs out of the offices of Klezmer Maudlin, P.C. since April 2014.  She previously represented defendant employers as staff counsel for Liberty Law Offices in Indiana for nearly 10 years. She earned her B.A. degree from Purdue University, her M.A. degree from Northern Illinois University and her J.D. degree, cum laude, from Indiana University School of Law. Ms. Hartman was an in-house counsel member for the Fort Wayne Community School from 1993 to 2003.. Need an injury attorney ? Contact Us

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Lawyer Randal Klezmer

A native Hoosier, Klezmer created the firm after receiving his J.D. from McKinney School of Law, in 1992. From the beginning, he has focused his practice largely on worker’s compensation cases, but also has a significant concentration on personal injury cases. Contact our personal injury attorney now.

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